Ultra Mirage™ II Nasal Mask Complete System
Ultra Mirage™ II Nasal Mask Complete System

Ultra Mirage™ II Nasal Mask Complete System

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Experience the plush comfort of the Ultra Mirage II's dual-wall cushion, which not only provides a gentle fit but also reduces pressure points and prevents leaks. Its supportive inner layer and soft outer membrane ensure a snug seal without the discomfort of overly tight headgear, reducing the risk of pressure sores.

Effortless Removal for a Smooth Start

With a quick-release swivel connection, removing the Ultra Mirage II nasal mask is a breeze. The quick-release clips on the mask cushion further simplify the process, making attachment and detachment from the frame quick and easy.

Flexible Design for Undisturbed Sleep

Featuring a 360° rotation, the short, flexible hose connecting the mask's elbow to the machine tube allows for greater freedom of movement without the inconvenience of a twisted hose, ensuring uninterrupted therapy throughout the night.

Enjoy a Restful Night with Breathable Headgear

Crafted from Breathe-O-Prene®, the durable headgear draws moisture away from the skin, promoting air circulation for added comfort. The flexible pads conform to your facial contours, keeping the enhanced forehead support in place while you sleep. Quick-release headgear clips enable easy removal without the need for constant adjustment.

Quiet Your Night with Practically-Noiseless Vent Design

The Ultra Mirage II's innovative air vent design optimizes CO2 washout while minimizing noise, contributing to a quieter sleep environment. Paired with a whisper-quiet CPAP machine, you and your partner may hardly notice the presence of your CPAP therapy.