Oxygen Concentrators

Experience the Freedom of Oxygen Concentrators! These ingenious devices are your key to breathing easy and embracing life fully. Perfect for managing respiratory challenges like COPD or asthma, Oxygen Concentrators provide a reliable and adjustable stream of oxygen through a nasal cannula or comfy mask.

No more hassles with oxygen tank deliveries or concerns about running out. With an Oxygen Concentrator at home, you have a constant and personalized source of supplemental oxygen. The beauty lies in their user-friendly design, allowing you to tailor the oxygen flow to your unique medical needs.

Imagine navigating your daily activities, pursuing hobbies, or simply relaxing at home with the assurance of optimal oxygen levels. Your very own breathing companion ensures you can enjoy each moment with vitality and ease. Here's to the breath of fresh air and a life well-lived!
Oxygen Concentrators FAQs
Does an oxygen concentrator produce pure oxygen?
Oxygen concentrators function by extracting surrounding air and providing oxygen composed of 90-95% pure oxygen and 5-10% nitrogen.
How long do portable oxygen concentrators last?
Typically, oxygen machines have a lifespan of approximately five years. The duration can vary based on factors such as frequency of use, care and maintenance, and the specific model of the concentrator.
How much does an oxygen concentrator cost?
The cost of a concentrator varies depending on the type and model. Personal portable models can range in the thousands, while used concentrators are often more budget-friendly. Although the initial investment may seem significant, it's essential to consider that expenses for liquid oxygen, compressed oxygen tank refills, and maintenance can accumulate quickly.
Are oxygen concentrators flammable?
No, oxygen itself is not flammable, but it can ignite other items or materials. Always use your oxygen concentrator safely, and adhere to proper handling procedures, which include keeping the concentrator away from open flames and other heat sources.
Can oxygen concentrators run on inverters?
Yes, it is possible to use an oxygen concentrator with an inverter. However, it is crucial to select the right inverter, as not all of them are compatible or provide the necessary power to safely operate an oxygen concentrator.
Do oxygen concentrators use a lot of electricity?
Yes, most oxygen concentrators consume a similar amount of electricity as a refrigerator. The average annual cost of operating your oxygen concentrator is approximately $400 per year, although this can vary based on different models, flow rates, and other factors.
Can I take my oxygen concentrator on a plane?
Portable oxygen concentrators are generally permitted on planes, provided they are FAA-approved. However, it is essential to inform the airline in advance that you require oxygen for your flight.
Can you sleep with a portable oxygen concentrator?
Yes, similar to CPAP machines, oxygen concentrators are designed for continuous use.
How do I take care of my oxygen concentrator?
To ensure proper care and maintenance of concentrators, always unplug the device when not in use and keep it clean. Regularly replace items such as cannula and tubing for optimal performance.
How often to change a filter on an oxygen concentrator?
Change filters one to two times a year, with more frequent replacements if you reside in a particularly dusty area.
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