Foam Filter-10pk
Foam Filter-10pk

Foam Filter-10pk

Sunset Resmed     SKU: BF018

The information you provided appears to be specifications for a nebulizer filter. Here are the details:

Size: 5⁄8” Diameter x 3⁄8“

Compatibility: This filter is compatible with various nebulizer models, including:

  • Caire Medi-Mist
  • DeVilbiss Sunrise Compact
  • Evo AeroMax
  • Evo SportsNeb
  • Evo Super SportsNeb
  • Invacare Passport
  • Invacare Envoy
  • Invacare Envoy Jr.
  • Invacare Select
  • John Bunn Nebulite EV
  • John Bunn LT2
  • John Bunn LX
  • MedLine SportsMist
  • Respironics MiniElite
  • Salter AIRE Plus
  • Schuco 2000
  • Schuco 3000
  • Sunset NEB100 Series
  • Sunset NEB300 Series

It seems to be a replacement filter used in various nebulizer models from different brands. If you have a specific question or if there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask!