Evora Nasal Cushion Seal
Evora Nasal Cushion Seal

Evora Nasal Cushion Seal

Fisher & Paykel Resmed     SKU: 400EVO115

Evora's distinctive floating seal conforms gently around the nose, creating a pliable and comfortable seal at the nostril base. Complementing this, the cushion incorporates built-in stability wings, which, in tandem with a lightweight and flexible breathing tube, along with a 360º swivel feature, maintains the mask securely in position without any discomfort or tugging as you shift, roll, and move during sleep.

The Evora Nasal Seal offers four size options: Small, Medium, Large, and Wide.

Notably, all Evora masks come with a single adjustable headgear size, making it compatible with any seal size. If you wish to change your mask's size, you can simply get a different nasal seal size and make the necessary adjustments to your headgear. To identify the seal size, check the side of the seal for the embossed letters S, M, L, or W.