DreamWear  Full face frame
DreamWear  Full face frame

DreamWear Full face frame

Philips Respironics     SKU: 1116745

These frames, manufactured by Philips Respironics, are included as a standard feature in all DreamWear Family CPAP Masks, which encompass the DreamWear Full Face, DreamWear Nasal, DreamWear Silicone Nasal Pillow, and DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow Masks. You can choose from three frame sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

The soft frame of the DreamWear CPAP mask directs airflow through two silicone tubes, which converge at the nasal cushion. Thanks to its pliable nature, the frame naturally conforms to the contours of your face without causing any discomfort, such as pinching or pressure points. It's designed to accommodate a wide range of sleeping positions.

USAGE: It's important to note that any frame size is compatible with all DreamWear masks. This means that if you decide to try a different frame size, you can simply purchase a new frame without the need to buy an entirely new mask.